Google’s Pixel Device Finally #Rooted By @Chainfire

Renowned developer Chainfire has successfully rooted the Google Pixel Smartphone, sharing evidence of the feat on his Twitter account. In the image, which you can see below, a super user request is visible on screen, indicating that root privileges have been achieved. But the achievement comes with an asterisk. Chainfire followed up a little later to admit

(Pics) The Latest type of G-wagon By Mecedez

side view Many are those who found G-Wagon an interesting Car and sought for funds to get it and now they have it and enjoyed it for many months but little did they know that Mercedes has another product in mind. Its no longer a G-wagon, but a G-Class. This one is quite tougher than the  G-wagon. See images

(BREAKING NEWS) Latest BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition hits Amazon for $549

BlackBerry continues to defiantly churn out smartphones despite dwindling sales. The new Silver Edition of the Passport has coincided with the launches of competitors — using the term somewhat loosely — like the Moto X Style and OnePlus 2 over the past week or so. Having gone on sale through BlackBerry earlier this week with a bunch of added accessories, Amazon also now has the device