Meet the Latest LG V10 Android Phone

On my last Review, i talked about HTC ONE A6 Which looks exactly like iPhone 6s and these were so much of interest to my viewers as they kept coming back to headof’s blog to read more. Related: 12 Ways to make your iPhone smarter Related: iPhone and android which is better and why? Related:

A Link you can never share on facebook and why

Users has observed that an attempt to mention or share tsu.com on facebook or instagram or even in private message will not work. A status update with tsu.com link will not be successful. Now the question often asked is why? The truth is that facebook is blocking any link to Tsu.co on every platform it

Nokia plans to come back to Phone production

World’s former biggest and best mobile phone maker, Nokia has commenced hiring of software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners as it plots to return to its space in the mobile phone and consumer tech arena it abandoned a long time ago. The Finnish firm was wrong footed by the rise of SmartPhones and eclipsed by the maker of iPhone 6, apple


For some months now, the question on the lips of any teller you meet in every bank in Nigeria has always been “where is your bank verification number? this they ask even though they know you have no time to answer that at that point in time. so the reason for this post is to make us all

(UPDATED) How To Stop MTN Text Messages

MTN Nigeria official logo As a Nigerian, there are lots of issues bordering us in this country. One of these issues is that coming from our different network providers. At times its as if we no longer have the right to decide the kind of calls or text messages to receive. It is so annoying

(BVN) Avoid Bank verification Number Scam

I wish to reach as many people as i can with this post especially those in Nigeria who would like to escape the recent phishing scam on the internet. There is a recent trend i discovered on the internet and i see a lot of persons (Mostly Nigerians) falling victim to it as a result of lack


Airtel Blackberry Subscription 2 in 1 promo can be used for your Windows/Mac Pc , Android , iPhone or iPad. The promo gives 1 subscription for free if you subscribe for a dual bundle, eg If you subscribe for Airtel One Month Plan Using The Promo Code For Two Months You Automatically get One Month