Simple Steps to Monitor Someone’s Whatsapp Chats

Today on schoolnaija.com i would be giving you a very useful tip that you’ll forever be grateful to have as a smart person. On this special post, you’ll learn “simple steps to help you hack someone’s Whatsapp chats” and be able to monitor his message exchange anytime anywhere provided you have internet access. This is

How To Configure Apple Pay Cash On Your Device

Back in June 2017, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash feature which is designed to work as a peer-to-peer system. What that means is that if you’re my friend, an iMessage user like myself, we can send and receive money from one another. I also means you can pay your landlord right from your device without

Huawei: Meet All New Huawei Y6 Pro (2017)

From the stables of Huawei, the top selling smartphone brand after the iPhone, we’ve just received another news. this time it is the release of another astonishing device from Huawei. This time, the new device has been named Y6 (2017) Pro which comes as a successor to Y6 Pro (2016) produced last year. The 2017

iPhone X: Top 10 Features You’ll Love

iPhone X is yet another mind blowing smartphone from the stables of Apple Inc. The device is indeed technologically endowed as its got features that would have you fall in love with it. Launching October 2017, buyers have been asked to expect the device delivered to them by November 2017. The Device is currently prized