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Simple Steps to Monitor Someone’s Whatsapp Chats

Today on i would be giving you a very useful tip that you’ll forever be grateful to have as a smart person. On this special post, you’ll learn “simple steps to help you hack someone’s Whatsapp chats” and be able to monitor his message exchange anytime anywhere provided you have internet access. This is

How To Buy Targeted Leads For Your Business

For a business, the advantage of hiring the best hands for the right job can never be over emphasized. Yes, it feels to right knowing there are good hands at the office, hands that would always be ready to do whatever it is you want and as at when necessary even without grumbling. For businesses,

How To Configure Apple Pay Cash On Your Device

Back in June 2017, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash feature which is designed to work as a peer-to-peer system. What that means is that if you’re my friend, an iMessage user like myself, we can send and receive money from one another. I also means you can pay your landlord right from your device without

How To Enjoy 8 Times Bonus On Glo

Hey there, my name is Nwachukwu Richard, I’m a Nigerian, Blogger and a very loyal Subscriber to Globacom network and today I’m gonna share with you the reason why i never got my 8x Bonus from Glo after my airtime recharge. Why I didn’t get my 8x Bonus… I just got an online top-up via

New Song: African London Girl By Kolapo

Just days after his #NorthsNotNot Photowalk and also discovering and rescuing Emmanuel Oyediran who happened to be a victim of colostomy prolapse, Kolapo has taken another step closer to his music career as he finally released his long announced Track “African London Girl“. Kolapo, also known as Kola Onifoto as you may have read Here is one