How To Apply For Canadian Express Entry And Their Requirements

Express Entry is the easiest way to make it to Canada these days. It is tagged the easiest way Because aside from the fact that it offers you the ability to live as a permanent resident in Canada, it is also processed within a few months after application is submitted. This is a post on How to apply for Canadian express entry

Let us learn a few things about Canadian Express Entry and what it means for you as an applicant

What is Canadian Express Entry?

Canadian express entry is a new immigration program that was initiated in January 2015.

It is a program where by Canadian Citizen and Immigration center Invites the highest ranking candidates from the express entry pool to apply for expatiated Canadian Immigration

For Canadian Express Entry, candidates who are Educated, Skilled, have work experience, able to communicate in English (Must have a language test certificate), are mostly considered in ranking express entry

The express entry program works in such a way that any candidate that receives job offer or provincial nomination is awarded a significant number of points boosting the express entry scores

In order to be considered eligible for Canadian Express Entry Immigration system, it is required that you meet all the requirements

Failure to meet the basic requirement automatically disqualifies you from the system’s pool of candidate

How Does Canadian Express Entry Work?

As far as Canadian Express Entry is concerned, there are 3 federal Programs out of which you must be eligible for 1

The 3 federal programs include:

The federal Skilled Worker Class
The Federal Skilled Trades Class
The Canadian Experience Class

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Confirming your Eligibility For Canadian Express Entry

It is very important that you confirm your eligibility and in doing this, you will be required to answer a few question as these would be used to determine whether or not you meet the minimum requirement

If you are applying for Canadian Express Entry, you must be ready to provide answers about your:

Language Ability
Family Members
Work Experience

The system will automatically notify you which of the 3 programs you’re eligible for.

Having been Notified of your eligibility, the next thing is to get your documents ready.

Required Documents for Canadian Express Entry:

anguage Test (IELTS, TOEFL)
Educational Credential Assessment, etc

Now you’re going to need to submit your profile

Before you go on submitting your profile, i would like to make it clear that one of the requirements of Canadian Express Entry is that you enter honest details about yourself as this would make your profile unique.

If your profile earns enough points, you may be invited to apply for the program.

That is how to apply for Canadian express entry……


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