Australia’s Permanent Residency Visa Requirements

Courses That Can Make It Easy For You To Get Permanent Residency Visa in Australia

Australia boasts of a vibrant economy and it is not surprising that it ranks twelfth as the wealthiest country in the world. However, a demographic shift in the last few years has seen a big percentage of the country’s population made up of retirees, necessitating the need by employers to import labor through the country’s Skill Select migration program. Indeed the country has a big number of working migrant population.

Australia’s Permanent Residency Visa

Australia’s Permanent Residency Visa is issued to skilled foreigners and professionals who intend to live and work in the country indefinitely with opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship after some years as permanent residents. Applying for and receiving this type of Australian visa provides for several benefits:

• Opportunity to work and live in the country indefinitely.
• Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship after some years.
• Enjoyment of rights and privileges as an Australian citizen.
• A chance to sponsor any of your relatives to live in the country.
• Right of citizenship for your children born in Australia.

Applying for Australian permanent residency visa requires that you fulfill any of the following conditions:
• You must have lived in any of the country’s territories and either worked or engaged in self-employment for at least two years.
• You must have been sponsored by a relative or an employer under the Regional Migration Program.
• You are a skilled individual or professional whose skills or expertise is in high demand.

Of these three conditions, the last condition is probably the easiest way to get Australian permanent residency visa. Below are the courses that can make it easy for you to get this sought-after visa.

Design & Architectural Courses

Australia has continuously witnessed a booming construction industry since 2014. The federal government’s Generate Design program has indeed created a US$33 billion creative industry that is always in need of design professionals. Design and architectural courses can make it easy for you to apply for and receive the permanent residency visa.

Healthcare Courses

Australia’s healthcare sector has always been in need of professional healthcare providers. This is largely because of the country’s retirees who make up a big part of the population. A course in pharmacy, nursing, medical science and medical psychology at the degree level make it easy for you to get the permanent residency visa.

Engineering Courses

Australia’s mining sector has always been in need of both skilled manpower and professional engineers. A course in mechanical, electrical, civil and metallurgical engineering can guarantee you the permanent residency visa.

Education Courses

Although a big chunk of Australia’s population is made up of retirees, there is a corresponding number of younger generations that need to be educated. Furthermore, Australian institutions of higher learning continue to attract thousands of foreign students from across the world. This has continuously raised demand for teachers and tutors among other educationists. A degree in education and in particular sciences and mathematics can guarantee you the residency visa.

IT/Computer Science Courses

Like in any developed economy, Australian industries are in need of highly qualified IT and Computer Science professionals. Holding a Bachelor of Technology can enhance your chances of securing the permanent residency visa.

Agronomy Courses

Agriculture accounts for 12% of Australia’s GDP. The country’s agricultural sectors has continuously been in demand for agricultural consultants and scientists. Professionals holding Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Agribusiness and Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems are always in demand and holding any of these qualifications can easily guarantee you the residency visa.

Business Courses

Australia’s robust economy continues to raise the need for qualified professionals in areas of entrepreneurship, commerce and accounting & finance. Bachelor of Business Administration, bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Law, Bachelor of Accounting/Finance and Bachelor of Business courses enhance your chances of obtaining the permanent residency visa.

Australia has different types of permanent residency visas and there are four options available to you when you need to migrate on the basis of your academic qualifications. You have the option of applying through the Regional Sponsored Migration Visa Scheme, the Employer Nomination Visa Scheme, the Skilled Independent Visa (Skill Select) or the State Sponsored Permanent Visa Program.

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