5 Legal Ways To Move To Canada Today

Canada is a country that has been rated number 1 in terms of quality of life and standard of living and this was done after several surveys around the US.

Truth is, there are hundreds of people moving into Canada on a daily basis and they do this in search of jobs, better life, etc.


Lets see the 5 easy ways to move to Canada today!


1. Move to Canada With Study Permit

Canadian study Visa is one of the easiest ways of moving to Canada. This is because Canada is home to some of the best schools in the world and a greater portion of those moving to Canada are those in search of a better place to study.

If you qualify for Canadian study Visa, it will be issued unto you and would allow you live, study and work in Canada.

Another thing is that if you happen to land a long term job while studying, you will be permitted to apply for a permanent residence which allows you to live in Canada for a longer time

2. Move To Canada With Work Permit

This is another easy way to move to Canada. All it means is that you have to secure a job with one of the companies in Canada.

Work Permits are usually issued after labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) has certified that you are qualified to take part in the role you are applying for.

Canadian Work Permit is however not easy, for this alone, i think it is one of the most not considered option when it comes to moving to Canada

3. Canada Express Entry Program

On a previous post, i discussed Canadian Express entry and all you may want to know about it. It is a program that allows you migrate and settle in Canada, be allowed to work and get a peaceful life in Canada and is currently one of the easiest, cheapest ways to move to Canada.

4. Move To Canada With Visitor Visa

Moving in with Visitor Visa is another perfect way of moving to Canada.

One thing you must know about Visitor Visa is that it does not allow you to work in the country, it only allows you visit friends, family in Canada, do sightseeing and all that but then you are allowed to network for jobs also

5. Move To Canada with Spousal Sponsorship

This means you have to get married to someone with Canadian citizenship. This is one of the most utilized option for those who really want to move to Canada easily but one thing is that there are strict penalties if you are caught faking the marriage.

On getting to Canada, the Canadian Immigration office will observe you and your spouse for two whole years before they can consider you eligible for permanent resident since you are married to one of their very own.

Well, these are the 5 easy ways to move to Canada without stress. I hope you find this post very helpful?

You can easily drop your questions about moving to Canada in the comment session as i would be ready to provide as much help as possible

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