10 Easiest Jobs You can get In Canada

There are 10 provinces and three territories in Canada which is why its a vast and large country. There are jobs for both locals and foreigners. In Canada, the standard of living is high and the cost of living is affordable. The skills you have acquired can also come into play, even if you are a French- speaking nanny, a mechanical engineer or even a software developer. The seasons in Canada vary and there are plenty chances for relaxation and fun. On this post however, we will be making a list of 10 Easiest Jobs You can get In Canada

Most jobs do not require a university degree to run; it might only need specialized training. The reason most Canadians quit their jobs is because of stress. There are many jobs in Canada both for the university degree holders and the non university degree holders. Though, there might be differences in the salary but random jobs are quite ok to consider. Here are some of Canada’s top-paying jobs, that don’t need a university degree.

  1. Web developer

A web developer is paid an average yearly salary of $66,058 in Canada. There were 1,117 job postings for the field per one million job listings between May and July.

  1. Electrician

The average electrician in Canada is paid $62,339 per year in the Great White North. And there are q plenty of demand, too. There were 1,290 postings in the designated time.

  1. Sales executive

There were 623 job openings for sales executives per one million posting on Indeed Canada between May and July. The average salary for the position is $63, 017.


  1. Construction inspector

A construction inspector in Canada can expect an average salary of $64, 675. It netted 100 job postings.


  1. App developer

The average yearly pay for an app developer is $66,058, according to Indeed Canada. There were 1,117 postings (per one million) for the job between May and July.


  1. Pilot

A pilot is paid an average of $75,396 per year in Canada. There were 116 job postings on Indeed in the designated time.

  1. Car sales executive

The average yearly salary for a car sales executive is $78,994 in Canada. And the demand between May and July resulted in 627 job postings on Indeed.


  1. Maintenance manager

A building maintenance manager earns $83,184 on average in Canada. There were 367 job posting for the position.


  1. Real estate agent

A real estate agent makes around $107, 843 per year. And there were 435 postings on Indeed during the designated period.

  1. Owner operator driver (truck driver)

The top spot goes to an owner operator driver, which in Canada earns about $144, 969. There were 1,100 job postings for the position per one million postings on the website between May and July

This is a list of 10 Easiest Jobs You can get In Canada, i hope you fit in anyone of them




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