What is Project Organization Structure

We’re still on Project management, this time, i would be talking about Project Organization Structure as i know this is one of the most interesting topics i ever learned while studying project management. Before we start, i would like to make it known that the objective here is to ensure that you as my reader is able to answer questions such as: What is project organization structure, list project organization structures.

Now lets start with the first question

What is Project Organization Structure?

when asked “What is Project Organization Structure”, quickly say: According to PM4DEV, Project organization structure is a structure that helps to make easy the coordination and implementation of project activities. Project management structure maps out the easy path for interactions among the team members with little or no disruptions, overlaps or conflicts.

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Types Of Project Organizational structure

In Project management, there are a lot of organization structures that could be used for a project.

These Organization structures include:

1. Functional Organization structure
2. Projectized Organization structure
3. Matrix Organization structure

These are the 3 most common type of project organization structure you should know as a project manager.

Now lets briefly discuss these one after the other.

1. Explain Functional Organization Structure

In a functional Organization structure, every employee exists in a hierarchy. Here, each employee has a known superior. in this structure, staff members are grouped according to their specialty such as engineering, Production, marketing, with accounting at the top level.

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In a functional Structure, engineering department is further subdivided into functional organizations that support the business of the larger organization which could be mechanical or electrical.

Quickly see the image below as it would help you understand more on this

What is Project Organization Structure

Lets see other structures

2. Explain Projectized Organization Structure

In a projectized Organization structure, the highest level of authority belongs to the project managers since they manage and control the project resources.

The project manager enjoys this authority because he has the ability to acquire the resources required for the accomplishment of the project objectives. He can source for these resources either from within or outside the parent organization.

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Quickly see the image below, as i believe it would help you understand better

What is Project Organization Structure

To the next on the menu, we’re seeing the matrix structure next. Just pay attention.

3. Explain Matrix Organization Structure

Before i say anything about the matrix organization structure, i would like to make it clear that there exists 2 kinds of Matrix organization structures:

Balanced, Weak and Strong Matrices

Explain Weak Matrix Organization Structure

In a weak matrix organization structure, the dominant characteristics are that of the functional organization, also is the fact that the project manager’s role is that of a coordinator or more complex than that of the average manager

see image below:

weak matrix organization structure

Explain The Strong Matrix Organization Structure

In Strong Matrix Structure, the dominant characteristics is that of a projectized organization. There exists full time project managers in the web and these managers are often bestowed a considerable authority and full-time project admin staff.

See Image Below

strong matrix organization structure

Movig on…

Lets see another kind of Organization structure that combines 1, 2 and 3 in one. This is called a Composite Organization Structure.

Explain Composite Organization Structure

A Composite Organization Structure is common with modern day organizations. It comprises of all the structures mentioned above in various levels. See below image

diagram of composite organization structure

I hope you are able to understand this topic…

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If So, without reading this page, try to answer the following questions:

  1. Define Project Organization structures in Project management
  2. Explain Functional Organization Structure
  3. what is projectized organization structure?
  4. List and explain 2 types of matrix organization structures
  5. briefly explain composite Organization structure

Now that you’re able to answer these questions, prepare for the next topic “Key management skills”

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