Wanted: Franklin Adim Wanted For 2.5 Million Naira Scam

The man whose face appears on the photograph on this page is Franklin Adim, he’s alleged to have been involved in a N 2.5 Million Scam with Nigeria’s Internet Marketer Mr Nicholas Onumara.

Mr Adim is said to have collected the said 2.5 Million naira from Mr Nicholas And his Friend for some Timer Investment business.

According to Mr Nicholas, Mr Adim eloped with the said 2.5 million naira since he’s never been seen in His residence.

After series of investigation Mr Nicholas disclosed that Mr Adim’s wife claims that her husband travelled since December and has never returned since then.

Mr Nicholas and his friend are willing to Offer a token sum of #100,000 to anyone that knows Mr Franklin Admin’s whereabouts.

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