Secrets About PMP Exam Questions No One Reveal To You

5 Secrets About PMP Exam Questions
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On This post, i want to reveal 5 Secrets About PMP Exam Questions. These are secrets no body will ever reveal to you. These are the main reason most student fail their PMP Exams and i would like you to learn this before hand.

5 Secrets About PMP Exam Questions.

Lets list and explain the 5 Secrets About PMP Exam Questions on after the other.

1. Do Not Rely On The PMBOK Guide

When most professional walks into a PMP Training center, they often ask for the material (PMBOK And nothing more) this they do because they’re of the believe that the PMBOK contains all they’ll ever need to answer PMP exam questions but hey!

Do not let anyone fool you, the PMBOK is only but a guideline, it explains the processes that makes up different practices in project management. See the PMBOK as a reference materials rather than an exam prep book. I say this because PMP exams are more of practicals, experience and you’ll need a good prep book to be able to get past the exams.

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2. Do Not Worry About PMP’S 46 Formulas

If you’re gonna sit back and think the 46 formulas you studied in the PMBOK are going to be on the exam questions, then think again. In PMP Exams, you’ll be seeing just 9 out of the 46 formulas you’ve studied. Not saying you should not study the formulas, study them but do not waste much time.

3. Not All PMP Exam questions Are Knowledge Based

This might sound funny though, but its the pure truth. This is because while you spend time learning facts and figures in your PMBOK, the examining body would be busy creating questions that requires experience, situational questions.

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This therefore means that PMP Exam questions are more practical than theoretical.

I therefore recommend that you find a pmp exam prep book that would offer you much examples to practice with. It must be a book that would afford you the opportunity to take up different roles for different scenarios.

The thing is… PMP goes about how you apply the knowledge you’ve gained.

4. The Questions May have More than one Answer

This is another of the Secrets About PMP Exam Questions that no one will ever reveal to you. Most of the questions you’re going to be answering in the PMP exam actually has more than one exam

5. PMBOK Processes Are Not For Every Day Project

You have the PMBOK, you feel you’ve got it all right? Well, i am sorry to say that your PMBOK describes processes that applies to large projects only.

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Lets say Projects worth over $150 Million in budget with over 200 people on it. With that number of people, you’ll agree it’ll only be right for the team to make a choice of the best processes that applies to their project. Now in PMP Exams, you’re expected to treat all the process as necessary. It also means you should provide answers with one of those super budget projects in mind.

Well, these are the Secrets About PMP Exam Questions that no one will ever reveal to you no matter what.

As you study for your pmp exams, ensure you get real life experience from professionals, have a good prep book with experiences and examples of decision taken too.

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