Tutorial: How To Turn Off “Last Seen” Status On Instagram Account

Today on schoolnaija, i would like to say something about privacy especially for Instagram users. I am not a fervent user of instagram but i feek this would be of little help to my readers and so this is a post on how to turn off “Last Seen” status on your instagram Profile. Do not forget that on a previous post, i wrote on how to download iOS 12 to your apple devices

Why Should I Turn Off “Last Seen” On Instagram?

Turning off the “Last seen” feature on your instagram profile makes it hard for any stalker to have an idea on the last time you were on the platform.
How To Turn Off “Last seen” on your instagram account
This seems to be impossible, but here today, you’ll be knowing the steps through which you can turn off the last seen status of your instagram profile.
Simply follow the steps below:
1. Quickly scroll through the list of apps installed on your device and locate “Instagram”
How To Turn Off "Last Seen" Status On Instagram Account
2. Located the app? now quickly enter your email/Username and password
How To Turn Off "Last Seen" Status On Instagram Account
3. Locate Settings on Instagram and scroll till you find the “Show Activity Status“. The show activity status is the section that controls the online status for every instagram user.
How To Turn Off "Last Seen" Status On Instagram Account
4. If you have located the “Show Activity Status” Option on the settings, Flip it off to turn off your “Last seen” status. Quickly save settings and close the app
5. Now you’re done with turning off the “Last seen” status of your instagram profile.
You can quickly share with others to help them do this too so that their activity on instagram would be unknown to many too

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