Difference Between Standards And Regulations

I am happy you’re still willing to learn more from schoolnaija.net. Today on this blog, we’re going to be discussing the Difference Between Standards And Regulations. It is expected that after reading this post, you’ll be able to define “Standard”. You also should be able to define Regulation as it applied to project management.

What is a Standard?

According to merrian-webster online dictionary, the word ‘Standard” is best defined as something established by authority, custom or general consent as a model or example. A standard is further defined as something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value or quality.

In a standard, there is no compulsion.

What is Regulation?

In project management, a regulation is a rule or law designed to control or govern conduct. What this means is that there is a regulatory body that states a general principle or rule that every one in a particular industry is expected to follow. Now there is a compulsion in regulation since a violation often has a consequence.

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Difference Between Standards And Regulations

Now we are going to talk about the difference between standard and regulation as it applies to project management.

  • In project management, a standard is a document approved by a recognized body (eg. COREN). This document stands to be used repeatedly, to be consulted whenever the need arises. A standard provides rule, guidelines, etc.


  • A regulation on the other hand is a document that describes a product, process or service characteristics.


  • Another Difference Between Standards And Regulations is that for standard, compliance is not compulsory unlike Regulation where compliance is always compulsory.

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  • Since a standard is not compulsory, it therefore means that there might be no punishment for violation but where an organization goes against regulation, there is usually a consequence.

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  • Another Difference Between Standards And Regulations is that a standard usually exists before regulation.  A Regulation only exists after a standard has been generally accepted by the people.

Well, i hope by this time you’ll be able to state clearly the Difference Between Standards And Regulations since i have made it as clear as possible for everyone.

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