Difference Between Infinix S3 and Note 5 Reveald

Today On Schoolnaija, I would be making known the difference between Infinix S3 and Note 5 known to us all.

When Infinix announced the launch of Note 5 late June 2018, I felt a bit bad because I saw the battery capacity didn’t differ much, but on laying hands on the device, I had to make a quick comparison with S3.

My Report is right here on this post.

Difference Between Infinix S3 And Note 5

  1. 1. One of the major difference between both devices is that while infinix S3 runs on Android 8.0; Note 5 runs on Android One which is a far cooler and upgraded android version. With android one, you get more android features straight to your phone when they are introduced.

2. Another difference is that S3 has a screen resolution of 285 PPI; Note 5 has 403 PPI, this means images will be sharper and more detailed on the Note 5.

3. S3 runs on a 1.4GHz octa-core processor; Note 5 runs on a 2.00GHz octa-core processor. This means the processing speed of the Note 5 is faster.

4. S3 has the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 430. Although Snapdragons are generally better than MediaTek processors, most new MediaTek SoCs perform better than low-end Snapdragons like Snapdragon 430. The Note 5 runs on MediaTek Helio P23 which is better.

5. Now the most interesting difference between infinix S3 and Note 5 is that S3 has XOS, but with the Note 5, you have a Pure android experience as there is no XOS or bloatwares, just your pure Android One software.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. Overall, the Note 5 is a tad better than the S3. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking they are the same.

Well. Its not like I’m asking you to go for the new device or abandon the one you had before the release of Note 5, I’m still loving my Note 4 Pro as I write this.

Truth is that I’ll rather wait for the pro version instead of going for this product.

Well, feel free to share your discoveries below

This is just a few difference between Infinix S3 and Note 4

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