6 Skills You’ll Need To Succeed As A Project Manager

Today On Schoolnaija.net, we’re going to be talking about 6 skills you’ll need to succeed as a project manager. It is expected that by the end of this topic, you should be able to define 6 skills requirements of a project manager.

Now lets start proper.

What 6 Skills Do i need to succeed as a project manager?

In project management, there are 6 important skills that are a must for you if you’re targeting achieving everything you ever sign up for as a project manager. these i would briefly explain below.

1. You must be Good At Communicating.

Communication is a very important skill for you as a project manager. It may surprise you to know that 90% of your time as a project manager will be spent communicating – Yes, i mean it.

A Project manager must have a good communication skill because it is what you’ll need to convey ideal, effectively convey visions, goals, issues, etc.

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You’ll also need an excellent communication skills to be able to produce reports and presentations.

As a project manager, it is recommended that you improve your presentation skills as this translates into everything right from the first site meeting to the pitch you’ll make to clients and other stakeholders involved in the project.

2. You Must Be A Good Leader

Your ability to lead is one of the 6 skills you’ll need to succeed as a project manager. This is because if you can lead, you stand a better chance of delivering that product as at when needed and this would make the stakeholders smile. lol.

As a leader, you’re required to:
Establish Direction

Align your team and every one needed for the task at hand.

Another area that requires you excellent leadership skill is motivating and inspiring.

Motivating and inspiring would enable you build in your team members that inner ability to self re-energize themselves in order to overcome barriers.

This however, does not mean the role of leadership is left for you alone, other individuals in the project team can demonstrate it too.

Note: Leading is quite different from managing in that managing is primarily concerned with the consistent production of key results as expected by project management stakeholders

3. You Must Be Excellent At Team Management

It is required of you as a project manager to possess an excellent team management skill. Yes, you must be able to manage humans. This is because it is what you’ll need to be able to manage from an operational point of view.

Having an excellent team management skill would enable you excel at administering and coordinating a group of individuals. This will in-turn, promote team work.

Being a good team manager would enable you in delegating tasks, resolve conflicts, set goals and evaluate performance.

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Do not forget that as a leader, you must be able to motivate and inspire as discussed in (2) above

4. You Must Be A Good Negotiator

Among the 6 skills you’ll need to succeed as a project manager is the ability to Negotiate. In managing a project, you’ll be involved in a lot of negotiation. This could be inform of negotiating for the use of available resources, budgets, schedules, scope, etc.

Having an excellent Negotiating skill would help you ensure that all parties involved in the project are satisfied.

Do not forget that Negotiation could be done directly or assisted. When you are assisted, its called mediation. Also note that the aim of every negotiation is to be able to reach an agreement.

5. Are You A Problem Solver?

As a project manager, it is necessary that you are able to distinguish between the causes and symptoms of a problem. How would you be able to proffer a solution if you are not able to identify the problems?

Lets see some examples of Problems

Problem Definition

As i said earlier, problem definition would require that you are able to understand the kind of problem encountered.

A problem could be Internal ( usually when a key employee is reassigned to another project).

A problem could be external (Usually when a permit required to kick-start a project is delayed by the issuer)

A Problem could be technical ( Usually when there exists a difference in opinion about the best way to design a product)

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It could be managerial too ( Usually when a functional group is not working according to plan)

A problem could be Interpersonal (Style clashes or personality

Decision Making

This has to do with your ability to analyse the problem in order to be able to identify possible solutions and lastly picking one from the list of available options.

6. You Must Be Able To Manage Risks

This is the last but not the least. It is one of the 6 skills you’ll need to succeed as a project manager. In this section, it’ll do you a lot of help if you are able to predict and create a possible solution plan to perceived Risks before hand. This ability will increase your chances of coming out successful.

Do not forget that Risks are very technical as they’re never urgent. It is because of this technical nature of risks that most project managers often take it unseriously.

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Well, i have been able to highlight the 6 skills you’ll need to succeed as a project manager, I loo forward to your criticisms as they would help me create a better learning platform for everyone out there.

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