3 Issues With Infinix OTA Upgrade For Note 4 Pro

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Just a few week ago, i wrote about Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro. Truth is when i saw the notification on my device, i was glad, i quickly bought a new data bundle from 9Mobile in order to be able to install the upgrade on my device but after the upgrade, i began to notice a few things that would never have occur if i never installed the upgrade.

Below is a list of things you won’t like the moment you install Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro

1. Music App Disappeared: With the default android music app, you’ll travel miles without having to worry about the next track, able to listen to the next track without having to bring out the device from your pocket.

But with the OTA upgrade, You’ll lose the music app as Google play Music app will become the only resident music on your device.

I don’t really like Google Play music app.

It takes time to launch, you can’t shake to next this track, you’ll have to be careful if you walk around with your music on cos, a little touch might next that nice track.

Solution: Take to Infinix care and demand a software downgrade.

2. Flashlight Feature Unstable: After the installation of Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro, you may notice the flashlight app fails to respond as at when you need it.

This means you’ll keep tapping on the torchlight icon without a response, the response may come after a while but this is unlike when the original Android 7.1 was on.

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3. Ultra Power Feature Not Responding

Another Issue with Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro is  that with Ultra Mode feature.

As a lover of gadget, I actually know when to call it “Stop”. At this point, I probably need a nap or just an hour away from my gadget (Infinix note 4) and to achieve this, I love to switch to ” Ultra Mode”

The Ultra Mode feature on my device was more active when I had Android 7 running on my device.

On upgrading to Android 8.1, I lost the Ultra mode feature. You’ll find the icon when you drag down the home screen but it just won’t respond no matter how long you punch on it.


Quickly ask for software downgrade from any Infinix care shot around you.

Conclusion: Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro came with a good number of features for the device, the most fascinating is the face unlock feature that came up just a few weeks after I installed the upgrade but then, I feel Infinix needs to push a debugging upgrade so users can continue to enjoy their awesome device.

Left for me, I’ll chose Infinix anytime any day cos their devices are budget friendly and their turbo charger is bar. But if these bugs keeps appearing, I may chose something much more reliable.

Are you an Infinix user? Did you install Infinix OTA Upgrades For Note 4 Pro?

Did you find any issues with it?

Feel free to talk about it using the comment tool below this post.

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