5 Important Steps To Take When You Lose Your Phone

Ever Lost a smartphone? Has your phone ever been snatched by thieves? You’re not alone, I’ve lost a lot of devices too. To be frank when I lost my Infinix Note 3 Last October, I was quite broken.
I was pained because I lost a lot of data on that device including contacts. All that day, it was like I’ll never live again. But I took 5 important steps the moment my phone was lost and these steps I never regretted till today.
So on this post, you’ll be learning 5 important steps you must take if you ever lose your phone today.
Let’s talk a bit
Why did i feel bad when I lost my smartphone?
Such a funny question right? Well, as a freelancer, internet marketer, blogger, I lost a lot of data when I lost my phone a few months back.
Also, my social media activities which has a way of bringing me so much fun were affected for a day also.
When I lost my phone, I felt so empty. ThisĀ  was due to the fact that my smartphone is more like that friend I could always run to at all times except when the network is bad. Lol.
I was never scared of a stranger having access to my files, but you might be, if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t enable security protocols on your smartphone.
Well, let me stop there. On this article, I’ll share with you 5 important steps you must take if you lose your phone (I’m not saying you’re going to lose your phone though)

5 important steps to take when you lose your phone

1. Borrow A Phone And Call Your Number: This should be the very first thing you must do as soon as you notice your phone is not in your possession anymore.
This us important because unless you’re robbed, your device may just be with a good fellow who’s willing to return it to you if only he/she knows how to locate you. Thus, when you call, you create that opportunity.
But wait! What if your phone is locked? If your phone is locked, go back to the last point you remember your phone. The finder may just be waiting right there, ready to give it back.
2. Take A Few Steps Back: This simply means you shouldn’t panic, instead of panicking, take the moment to think about your last location with your phone. There is a great chance, you could have just forgotten to pick it up before leaving.
3. Contact Your Customer Care: If Your a Nigerian, I’ll make a list of customer care numbers:
you can dial 180 if you’re an MTN subscriber,
you can dial 121 if you’re a Globacom Subscriber,
you can dial 200 if you’re a 9amobile subscriber,
dial 111 if you use airtel.
Contacting your customer care is another important step you must take if ever you lose your phone.
Now when you call your Service Provider, request that your sim card be blocked, also submit your device IMEI number. Doing this ensures no fraudulent activity is carried our using your line.
4 Quickly Log Out Of Your Social Media Accounts: Well, this is necessary If you had your social media platforms active on your phone, if your phone is always open to everyone.
But if you have a security protocol that requires Biometric, pin, password before any access is made, then you may not need this. But still log on to your social media platforms and close every open session, especially those linked with the lost device.
5. Locate Any Good Police station and File a police report: This is just in case your phone happens to be found in a crime scene later on.
6. Go for a Sim Swap: Well, this enables you unblock and reactivate the lost line(s). Remember you blocked it in (3) above. Well, Performing a sim swap is the last of the 5 important steps you must take if you lose your phone
Note: This post applies to everyone in the world, so do not feel its out of place because the author is a Nigerian.
Well, these are the 5 important steps to take when you lose your phone anywhere in the world. Please share with others too.

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