Top 5 Reliable Power Banks You For You As A Nigerian

Now lets talk about the best power Bank Brand you should be looking out for As a Nigerian. I am going to talk about a few good power banks you can buy in Nigeria without regrets and i am also going to show you a reliable place to get the original power banks at a very cheap price.

But lets first get a few things straight here

What is a Power Bank?

A Power bank is a power solution usually portable for smartphone users. It provides a source of emergency power required to charge up your smartphones, mp4, digital watch and several other gadgets out there.

The Power Bank usually charges a gadget through a usb connection.
One advantage of Using A Power Bank is that it allows you quickly power up your device or gadgets while on the go.

What Brands Of Power Bank Exists in Nigeria?

As far as power banks are concerned, a lot of brands exist in Nigeria, among these brands however, there are many fakes.
Top 10 Power Bank Brands In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have brands like: 
1. Oraimo
2. Slot
3. Pineng
4. Xiaomi
5. Lumsing
6. Vinsic
7. New Age
8. Samsung
9. Romoss
10. Fil, etc
Now from these 10 brands, i am going to talk about the 5 most reliable power banks brands you can trust as far as Nigeria is concerned. This however, does not mean there are no fakes products designed to look like that from these 5brands.
The Most Reliable Brands i have ever used in Nigeria Are:
Oraimo Power Banks are the best, if there were a review, i’ll give them a 5 star rating because of all the brands here in Nigeria, their power banks are highly reliable.
I Currently use an Oraimo PB-10AR power bank with a 10400mAh capacity and i can beat my chest to it that it is just the best. Initially i was so reluctant to commit my money, but the very moment i got home and plugged my phone and bluetooth headset to it, i stood close for 20 minutes to observe very well, the power meter didnt change. The reading lost 1% after about 23 minutes and i was like wow.
So If You’re interested about Oraimo PB-10AR Power Banks, Here are the specs
Oraimo PB-10AR Power Bank Specs

Model: PB-10AR
Capacity: 10400mAh(38.48Wh)
Input: 5V/2A   
Output: 5V/1A  5V/1A  5V/2A 
Aside from that Model, there are a lot of other models that are reliable and from the same oraimo and so i would encourage you to invest your money on just a good thing, something that would bring you joy and not pains and disappointment.
I am not saying other brands are useless or will bring you pain, i only want the best for you.
Where Can i buy Oraimo Power bank?

2. Slot Power Banks Review

Slot is another brand of power bank that has proven good too. It is totally reliable and can be used on almost all gadgets.
You can view more of slot’s products by going to their website
Where Can i buy Slot Power bank?
If You’re a Nigerian in Nigeria and wishes to spend wisely on Slot Power Banks, quickly follow click here to Get Slot Power Bank from their Slot online shop.
Samsung is a global brand, it has the most trusted gadgets in the world, but the truth is that here In Nigeria, most of the Power bank products from samsung are either too expensive or cloned to look like the original.
Where Can i buy Samsung Power bank?

By APC, i am not referring to Nigeria’s ruling political party o. APC has been known to be one of the reliable accessories brand in nigeria and among their products are power banks, USB Cords and several other products i cannot mention here.
Where Can i buy APC Power bank?
Ankers is another power bank maker, i have not really used any Ankers power bank though but i know since it is among my top 10, its surely going to be something worth spending for.
Where Can i buy Ankers Power bank?
Now that’s my list of top 5 Reliable Power Banks in Nigeria. On my next post, i will be talking about how to identify fake power banks and the brands of power banks to avoid in Nigeria

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