4 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Is a Better Choice For Those That Can Afford It

Samsung has just released another heavyweight product under the Galaxy series. This time its the Samsung Galaxy S9. S9 is just the main product but here, i would be talking about the Plus version of galaxy 9 so stay tuned. 
The released on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is quite an old news though but on this post, i would love to share with you 4 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Is the best phone For you.

4 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Is The Best

Here, i am going to make a list of 4 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus would be the best option for those who can afford it
1. Camera
Pictures snapped with the almighty Samsung Galaxy S9 plus are very ok. Compared with Google’s Pixel 2 XL which runs with a very good software, Samsung’s S9 plus still got the best image with option for full manual mode.
2. RAM and Storage
Compare with google’s Pixel 2 XL which runs on a 4GB Randon Access Memory (RAM), the S9 Plus runs on a 6GB ram but not with this alone. The S9 Plus also supports the use of memory card.
3. Display
The S9 Plus really has a large screen. The new Samsung S9 Plus was built with the best smartphone display technology.
4. Fast Charging
It seems Samsung really built this device to teach google how smartphones are made because when google build their Pixel 2 XL, it had no capability to charge without a wire. Based on this, Samsung Galaxy S9 Is the best phone for all.
Let me Burst your bubbles for a while…
Do you know that Samsung built the fastest Charging battery ever. This is why i cannot wait to weild this in my hand
so now if you’re asked why you love your Samsung Galaxy S9 More than any other smartphone out there, make sure you quote the above 4 subheadings

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