How Can I Easily Track Stolen iPhone On iCloud

track stolen iphone
Ever lost your iPhone or kept it at a spot only to realize its been picked up by a thief? Are you wondering how you can easily track your lost iPhone? Would you love to track your stolen iPhone? Then you’re right to be on this page after all.
As an iPhone user, you’re entitled to a free service known as “Find My iPhone”. 
Find my iPhone is a free service that uses the GPS feature on your phone as well as internet connection to locate your phone as well as show the location of he device on the map.

What Do I Need To Track a Stolen iPhone?
In order to be able to track a stolen iPhone, you’ll need the following:
1. An iCloud account
2. A computer and internet service
3.Find My iPhone set up on your phone before it of stolen.
How Do I Track Stolen iPhone?

If you’ve got the 3 items mentioned above set up, then its time to locate that lost iPhone ASAP and here is how.
If you did set up item 3, simply go to in a web browser.
When you Open the page, you can:
1. Log on to iCloud using the account you specified while setting up the ” Find My iPhone” feature. You’ll need your username and Password to do this.
2. Quickly click on “Find iPhone” , as you click on this. The wizard begins to locate all devices you have enabled the find my iPhone on.
3. Just in case if you have more than one device linked, click on all devices at the top of the screen in order to select the device you’re looking for.
4. After searching, the wizard will locate your missing device and would show this on a map. You’ll see this as a green dot.
5. Click play sound. This is a good move if you feel your device was lost within our immediate environment, a room, a work place.
6. Having seen the device, you can proceed to click on “Lost Mode”. As you click on this, the device’s screen would be locked automatically especially if you hadn’t enabled this before.
Automatically locking your screen prevents the thief from having access to your personal data.
7. Having clicked on lost mode, you’ll be required to enter a pass code that would enable you unlock the device once you locate it..
8. If you feel he device is too far from you or you do not have the time to go after it, you can quickly erase the device.
9. Now if the device is on the move or the thief is running with it, you can click on the green dot as well as the rounded arrow in the pop up window.
Doing this, you’ll be updated with the device’s location using the Last known GPS date.
Note: even when you’ve set up the ”Find my iPhone” feature on your device, it may not show on the map if;
a. The device is turned off or out of battery

b. The location service of the device is turned off.
c. If the device isn’t connected to the internet.

Now if that’s the case, you can quickly:
Check the “Notify me when found box”. This allows find my phone to notify you once the device appears on radar.
You can play sound, lost mode and erase – 3 options that would work whenever the phones or devices is connected to the internet.
You can quickly click on “Remove Account” if you actually sold the phone.
Now that’s how to track or locate a stolen iPhone.

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