Google’s Pixel Device Finally #Rooted By @Chainfire

Renowned developer Chainfire has successfully rooted the Google Pixel Smartphone, sharing evidence of the feat on his Twitter account. In the image, which you can see below, a super user request is visible on screen, indicating that root privileges have been achieved. But the achievement comes with an asterisk.

Chainfire followed up a little later to admit that gaining root on the Pixel required him to disable DM-verity and use a modified system partition. So for those of you wanting systemless root with DM-verity enabled, you’ll have to hold out a little while longer. Fortunately, Chainfire is already on the case.
With T-Mobile just announcing support for the Google Pixel along with a half-the-purchase-price refund, the Google Pixel is shaping up to be one of the darlings of the U.S. carriers in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Stay tuned for more information on Chainfire’s efforts to root the Google Pixel.
Now the question is Will you root your Pixel?

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