BBM Video Calling Now Available In US And Canada

Recently BlackBerry rolled out other device capabilities for Android users in United States and Canada, introducing the BBM video calling features. The rollout was part of BBM testing and at this moment this update is not available for compatible handsets but soon after the beta testing and applies fixes, then it should be available soon.
BlackBerry Video Calling For Android Now Rolling Out
A quick note for our reader, the company was limiting its availability for the BBM video calling for this time for them to easily adjust the bugs and errors. 

BBM experts will also monitor the overall device performance then gather the user feedback’s and iron it out before its official release for general usage.

Signing up is not needed in order to access BBM video approval access, by just taping the video calling option the update will be activated as BBM initiates the call. However, only device that runs Android 4.4 or above can run the video calling feature.
BlackBerry will be making its beta available to iOS platform soon, and that time, the possibilities of cross platform operation will be enabled. Providing all tests goes ok with no hiccups, BlackBerry video calling feature will be available this July.


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