10 Secret Codes You Must Know As an iPhone7 User

Its so wonderful what one can do with codes when it comes to mobile devices, i still remember how i could hear the time when i press down the * button in my Nokia 1112i back in the days.

Today, we are going to learn 10 secret codes on the iPhone that reveals more than we ever know about our iPhone6, 5s, 4s, etc. These codes are not only important, but a must-know for every iPhone user
Here is a list of 10 most important codes you should know as an iPhone User:

Offers information on the
IMEL number of your device
 Offers information
on call forwarding (calls,data, voice)
Shows calls missed when
your device was switched off or in a No-service area (may be in a tube or metro)
Helps disable call
Blocks calls from
stubborn toasters (girls in India and Ghana will find this useful)
Hides your caller ID (the
person you’ll call will see “private call”)
Shows configurations for
calls, data and their current status
Will show the calls you
To know if call waiting
is active
shows internal settings
on your phone
Hope you enjoyed the codes? In my next post, you’ll learn how to recover pass-code on iPhone 6 so keep a date with headof’s blog

Please feel free to add more codes using the comment box below this post. You can also share with friends and help them get a better grip on their phone.


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