The start of the new year is traditionally a good time for hiring since most former employees travelled home and have no intentions to come back to their workYes, this means that job seekers should refine their résumés. But your C.V. is just one of multiple ways job seekers should market themselves without much stress.However, many of these build on each other and support the answer to “Why should an employer hire you?” And that’s a question job seekers must answer confidently and convincingly.Here are the 9 things you’ve got to work on to help make your job search faster or quicker:

1. Use Social Media ProfileMore companies are using social media to find candidates. When you update your resume, update your online profiles as well. This only implies you would need to make a review of your postings and tagging on your social network profiles
2. Make your social media profile activeDon’t just change the details on your profile. Update your status, post an interesting article related to your line of work, make a comment that showcases your professional expertise. If you are looking for a job that requires social media savvy, having a static profile—however, updated—will not be enough without regular and relevant activity.

3. Show Them How You LookYou don’t need a professional to take your photo, but you do need a professional-looking photo. A photo on your social profiles makes you seem more personable. Also, from a practical standpoint, a picture can help you with networking—some people won’t remember your name after having met you once or a while ago, but they might remember your face. I am sure we understand this aspect…
4. Cover LetterA cover letter is not a rehash of your resume. It enables you to highlight your most relevant and compelling facts. It helps you smooth over a story that includes employment gaps and/or career changes, your strengths should also be included in your cover letter as it will help your potential employer have a view of what it might be like working with you. It is a chance for you to make the case for why your dream employer should hire you.
5. Cover EmailYou can’t just copy and paste your cover letter into the text of an email. It will be too long and too formal. A cover email is like a cover letter in that it highlights the best, explains away any red flags and makes a compelling case—but it has to do this in a fraction of the space.
6. Don’t Forget to Make a Good First Impression AlwaysWhen you meet someone, you need to introduce yourself. What you say is part of how you market yourself. Keep in mind that your new connection ideally can introduce you to others, including possible employers. So what you say needs to be memorable and repeatable. so if the need be, have a polished intro about your self when you meet people in the labour market
7. Always be Willing to Talk More About Yourself as Time PermitsYou also need to be able to talk about yourself in more than a 20-second sound bite. You may book a networking meeting over coffee and have the chance to share more about your background. Aim for two minutes. This is enough time to give the arc of your career, as well as highlight key accomplishments.
8. Your Pitch for Someone Else to UseYour friend offers to help and will forward your resume or make an introduction at an event. What do you want your friend to say? Using your cover email and 20-second pitch, be ready with a version in the third person that someone can use to introduce you.
9. PortfolioOf course, a writer should have clips, and a designer should have samples. But a software developer can showcase programs, a marketer can share a campaign, a consultant can share a slide presentation that summarizes the business case developed. Every professional can showcase their work in some way. A visual, tangible example is so much more powerful than a wordy explanation.
Well, lets see what happens now that we have a new president in Nigeria who had always promised to bring change to the situation in the country. He has on two occasion said “i am not a miracle worker”, but still, our hopes are high that he will reduce the level of unemployment in our Dear country…

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